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Request a Live Demo and "See" how we can Save your Proposal Team 3 to 5 Days on a 30-day-turn Proposal, or our software is Absolutely FREE!

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Produce Compliance and Capability Matrices, Storyboards, Fully-Annotated Author Documents, Acronym Lists w/Definitions...all with a Click of a Button.

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Could having an Extra 3 to 5 Days, that your Competition may not have, help your Organization Stand Apart from your Most Fierce Competitors?

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Your Proposal Teams will soon forget about "Tight Deadlines"when using our Proposal Automation Tools.

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Format Entire Volumes up to 80% completion with a "Single"Click of a Button...REALLY!

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Our Proposal Automation Tools can save Valuable Time for your entire Proposal Team!

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Competition is getting much Tighter...our Software will help you Stand Out from the Rest.

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More "Time" to produce more "Compelling" Proposals will cause your "Win Rates" to Increase.

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Parse and Strip your RFP Sections with a "Click" of a Button.

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Our Proposal Automation Software makes it Easier to Navigate the "Maze" of Producing Proposals

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Is your Proposal Process Stuck in a Corner?

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Our Software will not just Save your Proposal Team Lots of Time, but also Lots of Money!

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Our Software can Save 3 to 5 Days on a 30-day-turn Proposal

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Let the Stress melt away and give your Proposal Team the Tools they need.

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Have your Desktop Publishers and Authors ALL be on the "Same Page" when it comes to Formatting Documents.

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Let us help you Win your "Must Win" Proposals by giving your Proposal Team more Time to make your Proposals more "Compelling"

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Increase your Win Rate and have more Team Celebrations

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Have Questions or would you like to Setup a Live Demo/Webinar...just Contact Us.

Our Guarantee

Simply put, we GUARANTEE we can save any Company, small or LARGE, 3 to 5 days on a 30-day-turn Proposal or it’s FREE!*

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123Proposal Automation Software, Inc. (123PAS.com) specializes in a "Different Type" of Proposal Automation. Our Software helps your Proposal Team improve response times for RFPs and other types of proposal requests, and relieves your Team of "Tedious and Repetitive" Production Tasks.

Our tools can also be used as a "Companion" to software applications like SharePoint, Privia, VPC, Qvidian and other "Content Management" software applications with "Little to No Overlap" in Features.

Using our Automation Tools, simply put, allows your company to spend more time “Polishing” your Proposal to make it more “Compelling” and less time on the overall production of the proposal.

Pain Points

/pān points/
(1) “Time Consuming” duties that every Proposal Team, sooner or later deals with, that adds DAYS (unnecessarily) to the Proposal Schedule.

(2) A word proposal teams, consultants, and IT guys use to identify processes or systems that decrease worker productivity, in an attempt to develop better methods (also known as efficiencies).

“So, tell me Andy, would you consider your company’s RFP parsing/stripping process one of your pain points? You mentioned in your questionnaire that it takes two or more days on average to complete this process…hmm…let’s just mark that down as a ‘yes’.

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We will attempt to explain how our Proposal Automation Software “Alleviates” and in some circumstances “Eliminates” Pain Points in the Proposal Process by asking some simple questions…

Assuming we are dealing with a (medium-sized) 200-400 page proposal submission and it’s a 30-day deadline.

1. If the Proposal drops on a Monday morning, when would you usually schedule your Kick-off Meeting? (2 days later, 3 days, or even longer?)

2. During the Kick-off meeting, what “Artifacts” do you have in hand for your Proposal Team? (Annotated Outline Completed, RFP Requirement Relationships between all of the Requirement Documents (i.e., between Section L, M, C and Attachments), Compliance Matrix, Storyboards, Annotated Author Documents, none of the above?)

3. How long does it take to produce these Artifacts? Can they even be completed before Kick-off or do you normally wait until after the team is off researching their sections and writing assignments?

4. How do you normally produce an Artifact like a Compliance Matrix (a lot of manual Copying and Pasting from Section L, M and C into your Compliance Matrix Template?)

5. How do you go about Parsing/Stripping your Requirement Documents (another long exercise in Copying and Pasting?)

Again…Pain Points. These things that I mention are a NECESSITY in each and every proposal at some point in time, and they take up lots and lots of valuable time, that can and should be utilized elsewhere. Also, these Pain Points are just a few that you will encounter in most proposals. If you add to these, the Pain Points that hit you when you have to Desktop Publish (DTP) your Volumes…how long does your “Pens Down” timeframes usually last when you are waiting for the documents to be DTP’ed, knowing that you shouldn’t be writing/updating your sections while someone else (the Desktop Publisher) has it “checked-out” for the Formatting Process (VERSION CONTROL!!!) then multiply this time by at least 3X (before Red Team, Gold Team and Final Submission)

What about producing an Acronym List/Glossary, a RFP Requirement in 95% or more Federal Proposals. When should you start “Producing” this Pain Point called an Acronym List? You can’t start it too early in the process because the Documents/Volumes are too much in flux. After Red Team is the Norm, but that usually puts you up against that dreaded Deadline again, and it’s a Time consuming process to read every word in a Volume and pull out every Acronym and Definition into some Excel Workbook or Word Table, sort the list, delete the duplicates…you get the idea.

We recently heard back from a few of our Users, and this is what they had to say... 

"... your excellent, innovative tools cut our desktop publishing time by at least a third."
Capture Manager
Northrop Grumman

"For the past few proposals we produced, we finalized the proposals earlier and with a lot less stress than what we were used to…"
Proposal Manager
NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc.

"I love working with this new software. I know it is going to be an asset to us when we use it throughout the whole proposal process..."
Proposal Specialist
Systems & Methods, Inc. (SMI)

"So far I am impressed with the functionality.

I have parsed L, M & the PWS and started completing the Proposal Managers Worksheet. This was 207 pages of requirements. This took about an hour to parse and another few to go through and clean up. This usually takes a day or two to complete manually.

At this point I can see this tool being very helpful to quickly understand solicitation requirements at a high level to aid in our business development and bid/no bid.…"
Quality Management Representative & Proposal Specialist
B3 Solutions

We are very proud to say that their Pain Points were soothed tremendously because of the use of our Proposal Automation Software that solely focuses on the Pain Points in the Proposal Process. Our Software can save any company (small or large) 3 to 5 days on a 30-day turn Proposal…GUARANTEED!

Request a 30-Day Free Trial

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